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Rooted Explorer


This App is Rooted Explorer , based on GPL.
The original soruce is Open Manager and need more information for Open Manger, visit the original site.

Rooted Explorer has following features.

1. requirements.

A. Need a rooted device.
B. App2SD is installed.
C. busybox is installed.

2. Features.
           A. move a “/data/app”‘s app to “/system/sd/app”, and Make a symbolic link.

3. benefits.

A. get a more free size.

4. Tips

A. select a Big Size App, but sometimes using, moves to “sd card”

5. Usage

1. Select a Big Size Apps. [if you want 1file, just Click or not Click a “checks button ” on tool bar, then select a multiple files”

2. Choice a ‘Copy”

3. move to “/system”
4. long press the “sd” folder.
5. then pop up a Menu.
6. choice a “MoveNLink into folder”
7. after finish, the app move to the “SD” and the original apps as Symbolic link.
8. first time the apps removes from Main Menu. but after reboot, it’s restored.
9. the file staus as “lrwx” . then “l” means “symbolic link”, “r’ => “able read”,